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child paediatrician at the west gippsland paediatric group

West Gippsland Paediatric Group was formed in December 1997 by Dr Charlie Hamilton and Dr Michael Nowotny with the premises being at 7 Sargeant Street just behind the West Gippsland Hospital.

In February 2000 they were joined by Dr Christopher Smith, and two years later by Dr Sari Hayllar. Collectively, the group supplies 24 hour consultant paediatric specialist cover to the West Gippsland Healthcare Group covering newborn infants, children and adolescent presentations to the hospital.

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Two ward rounds are provided each day supervised by one of the consultants on call, with the first round being a teaching round for medical students and junior doctors.

At the private rooms just behind the hospital, a full range of specialist paediatric medical and allied health services are available. There are three visiting general paediatric surgeons. In addition, cardiology, endocrinology, genetics, neurology and rheumatology sub specialist clinics are available.

Allied health services include speech therapy, paediatric occupational therapy and child and adolescent psychology.

More recently with the retirement of Dr Charlie Hamilton after 30 years of paediatric to service to the children and families of West Gippsland, we have been delighted to welcome three new paediatricians to the team including Dr James Carter, Dr Brendan Lacey and Dr Christian Catalano.

As a practice, we strongly support training future doctors. Trainee doctors at all  levels are involved in day to day care of our hospitals and clinic patients. These include local Monash medical students, general practice trainees, resident medical officers as well as senior trainees in their final year of specialist training.

Consultation is by appointment only with a current general practitioner referral.

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West Gippsland Paediatric Group offers a full range of specialist consultations including general paediatric medicine and behavioural medicine, autism, ADHD, allergy and adolescent medicine. 

Areas Of Treatment

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